Notice Board
  1. Aug 1st – Lean Day – Sports Day
  2. Aug 2nd – Annual Sports Day
  3. Aug 5th to 13th – Cycle Test 1 for Std ( I to II)
  4. Aug 5th to 13th – Cycle Test 2 for Std ( III & V)
  5. Unit Test 2 for Std ( VI to IX/XI)
  6. Unit Test 3 for Std ( X & XII)
  7. Aug 16th – CCA-3 for Std ( I to V)
  8. Aug 17th – CCA-3 for Std ( VI to X)
  9. Aug 17th – Students Outing for Std ( I to V)
  10. Aug 28th – Students Outing for Std ( IX & Above)
  11. Aug 30th – DOR-9 Krishna Jayanthi Celebrations for Std ( I to X)
  12. Aug 31st – Students Outing for Std (VI to VIII)

School Principal

“The best executive is the one who has sense enough to pick good men to do what he wants done, ...

Management & Staff Members

"PVM and PVBM staff with management members"
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    Application for admission into Pre-KG, LKG and UKG should be accompanied ..


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    PVM is a two storeyed building in the shape ‘E” with a built in area 50,000


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    The faculty of PVM shapes its special character. Each member imbibes the


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    It’s track to keep the working days, Events for more activities.



The cause of its existence was Sri. Prasannamal, a philanthrophist who had a strong vision that education is the one which uncovers the knowledge hidden by ignorance, leading to see the invisible behind the visible.PVM is managed by K C Prasannamal Memorial Educational Trust.